Cleveland-based Die-Matic Corporation is an industry leader in precision metal stamping with expertise in building specialized tools and progressive dies.

Die-Matic decided to migrate off its aging manufacturing software and began evaluating enterprise manufacturing software products.  It did not find available software that met its criteria in terms of pricing point and level of fit to its business processes. Die-Matic chose to partner with Fidelis to develop and implement enterprise software that precisely fit its business requirements at an affordable pricing point.

Please visit our Steel Viking Case Study: Die-Matic Corporationfidelis_CASEOFSTUDY


Fidelis worked closely with Die-Matic to custom develop an enterprise manufacturing software system. Fidelis addressed all technical and transitional aspects of the system implementation for Die-Matic, including design, system conversion, and training.

The result was the Steel Viking software solution, onto which Die-Matic converted in January 2005.


“Making solid business decisions requires comprehensive, accurate & timely access to data.  The Steel Viking system delivered information by which we were able to better manage our costs, lower inventory levels, and make confident decisions regarding our prices & margins.  The Steel Viking system was a major factor that contributed to our success and road back to profitability.
Jerry Zeitler, President, Die-Matic Corporation

“The SV software is very robust and saves us countless hours in data entry and retrieval. On numerous occasions, customers have called requesting certain production information and were surprised that we could retrieve the answer so quickly with our software. The software is truly a business enabler.”
Brent Lowe, Former Materials Manager, Die-Matic Corporation